Access the liquidity you need

Founders, Management, and Former Employees

Vintage acquires equity and options in venture-backed startups

Why sell your equity or options?

Founders and management realize their holdings, while maintaining ‘skin in the game’ and upside

Allows management to focus on building a large company by relieving financial pressure

With company support, current and former employees can sell their shares achieving actual cash value on the shares which can be used as a tool for recruiting and retention

Angel Investors

Vintage acquires individual company holdings and entire portfolios, and provides creative liquidity solutions for follow-on financing requirements

What is the benefit to investors?

Allows angels to realize gains and avoid the risk of dilution

Provides follow-on capital to protect ownership without committing their own additional capital and maintaining strong commitment to founders


Vintage acquires individual company holdings, entire portfolios, LP interests, provides tail-end fund offers, as well as creative liquidity solutions for follow-on financings requirements

What is the benefit to GPs?

Allows GPs to distribute cash proceeds to investors before actual exits occur improving returns for your investors

Provides GPs with a solution for LPs that might be seeking liquidity mid-life, or are simply problematic

Offers the GP, the option to refresh their LP base and extend the fund with a new long-term partner

Allows follow-on capital to funds that are fully or nearly fully called that allows managers to protect ownership in their most promising companies while displaying a strong commitment to their founders


Vintage acquires interests in venture funds

What is the benefit to LPs?

Generate liquidity from an illiquid asset with an uncertain liquidity timeline

Rebalance asset portfolios in times of market volatility

Offload any unfunded commitments in the event of liquidity constraints

Fund Investors , Angels , Founders , Startup Employees or Ex-Employees

Want to sell your holdings and access liquidity for your investments or equity before an exit?

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