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  • 2020 Vintage Year in Review
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    2020 Vintage Year in Review

    We are inviting you to learn more about Vintage key highlights for 2020 with... Read more

  • Deep Dive – The Psychological Playbook for VCs and Startups
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    Deep Dive – The Psychological Playbook for VCs and Startups

    Come for a deep dive into the minds of founders. A first-of-its-kind playbook, tackling the... Read more

  • Technologies for Managing Global Workforce and Employee Retention – Global Startups Session
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    Technologies for Managing Global Workforce and Employee Retention – Global Startups Session

    Watch our 10th Global Startup Session featuring 5 global startups backed by top partner... Read more

  • Arab Angels Club
    Israeli Scene

    Arab Angels Club

    A Panel discussion moderated by Ameer Awadiyeh, Vintage Investment Partners, interviewing Gigi Levy-Weiss, Esther... Read more

  • “Meet the Game-Changers” Retail Innovation Club Event
    Corporate InnovationIsraeli Scene

    “Meet the Game-Changers” Retail Innovation Club Event

    Orly Glick, Partner at Vintage Investment Partners, Tal Tamir, the CEO of Wiliot, and Michael Gabay, the Co-Founder... Read more

Success Stories

  • “Vintage for me, before everything else – is a great partner for a long journey. It is the type of fund that understands the roller-coaster of a startup life cycle and supported me during both at the ups and the downs. Understanding and supporting the long term vision of Moovit by Vintage was a key part of our relationships and allowed them to be helpful when I really needed help. It is all about the people behind the money!”

    Nir Erez

    CEO, Moovit

  • “We have partnered with Vintage to provide reciprocal advantage to a wide array of international corporates in our Live Network. Vintage showcases the very best of the technology ecosystem that Tel Aviv has to offer and its deep knowledge of the startups and solutions emanating from this increasingly important global technology centre is second to none.”

    Deepak Jayaraman

    Director, True Global

  • “Vintage have been one of Yotpo’s most important partners. Besides helping with introductions, talent and challenging us constantly to build a better company, Alan and his team became close partners with me personally. I always tell fellow entrepreneurs: if you can get Vintage on board: do whatever you can to make it happen.”

    Tomer Tagrin

    Co-Founder and CEO, Yotpo

  • "Vintage has been a pleasure to work with, starting from the efficient and effective due diligence process when they invested, to putting us in front of potential clients, inviting us to participate in relevant webinars they host, sending candidates for open positions, and even down to input on how best to present KPIs. It is great simply knowing that we are always top of mind for them."

    Eran Zinman

    Co-Founder and CTO,

  • “Vintage had proactively approached me and joined SentinelOne as an investor in 2017 when we raised our C round. Since then, it has been a pleasure working with the Vintage team. They have been a trustworthy partner that understands the business of venture and have continuously been helpful in making introductions to potential investors and customers, also helping to bring to the company one of its other strategic investors”.

    Tomer Weingarten

    Co-Founder and CEO, SentinelOne

  • “Vintage introduced us to the fund that led our C round and joined as an investor, participating in each of our subsequent rounds. Working with the Vintage team was helpful and a pleasure at all stages! As the company scaled, Vintage’s team offered their network and line of experts to support our growth and operation. Today, with JFrog now a public company, Vintage is still a shareholder and we are looking forward to keep building this partnership for the long run.”

    Shlomi Ben Haim

    Co-Founder and CEO, JFrog

Technology investing is not just our specialty, Technology investing is not just our specialty, it’s our passion.

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