Value+ Trend Alert: Corporate Decarbonization and Sustainability

August, 2023

Introducing Value+ Trend Alert, a new recurring series where we will share unique insights and perspectives on the latest market trends.

Our first overview will focus on emerging trends in corporate decarbonization and sustainability efforts.

Through our Value+ work with Fortune 500 companies, we’ve noticed an empowering change in corporate dynamics regarding climate change and sustainability. Companies are moving beyond traditional carbon offsetting to exploring technologies that enable carbon reduction.

Through our engagements with corporations across many industries – retail, consumer packaged goods, logistics, electronics, automotive, utilities, and more – it’s evident that a more nuanced understanding of climate action is emerging.

The focus now lies on finding robust solutions that directly target decarbonization in their primary operations. It’s exciting to witness the transition from treating sustainability as a peripheral goal to incorporating it as a central part of corporate strategy.

In the midst of this transformation, numerous startups are stepping up to offer unique and cutting-edge sustainability solutions within the ecosystem:

🛠️ Helios is at the forefront of green steel production. The company’s mission revolves around dramatically reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption during the metal refining processes, encompassing Steel, Silicon, Copper, Nickel, Lithium, and more.

♻️ TripleW specializes in food waste recycling for PLA production. By commercializing a proprietary bioprocess that utilizes organic waste as feedstock, TripleW has produced 100% recycled bioplastic. This innovative approach eliminates the reliance on costly feedstock sugar derived from major crops, significantly driving down the production costs of bioplastics.

🛍️ Shellworks is making waves in the green packaging sector by tackling the environmental challenges posed by plastic waste. Through developing compostable materials sourced from seafood, Shellworks aims to create petroleum-free, compostable packaging that helps combat environmental waste within the beauty industry.

🐚 Cruz Foam is another player in the green packaging realm, specializing in advanced materials technology. The company manufactures compostable Styrofoam substitutes using natural, renewable materials from upcycled shrimp shell waste. Catering to the packaging industry, Cruz Foam provides an eco-friendly alternative that significantly reduces environmental impact.

We believe the road to meaningful sustainability leads to strategies that combine environmental responsibility with business objectives, leading to a future in which corporate advancement and environmental preservation pair in harmony.

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