Hamutal Meridor Featured on Calcalist’s “Work after Work” Series

January, 2023

“Technology is not going anywhere and is only claiming a bigger part of our world. In the long run, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the good venture capital funds.”

Hamutal Meridor took part in Calcalist כלכליסט “Work after Work” series in collaboration with KPMG IsraelHamutal spoke alongside Michael ReitblatForter, and the session was led by Sophie Shulman.

The discussion focused on both the company/investment perspectives on the current market, including:

-What is the conversation like with companies seeking capital from investors right now?
-Will investors seek growth opportunities at the same valuation levels?

“Good companies really saw the crisis coming, and … have money for the next two years. Good companies can even grow in a crisis if their competition fades. The truth is that the good companies we invest in are not raising funds today…”

“We see many companies that realize they only have 20 months and want to extend the runway. At the beginning of the year there were many rounds of growth, but this was a continuation of the trend from 2021. We have made almost no investments in our growth fund recently.”


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