Asaf Horesh’s Annual- “State of Today’s Tech Industry from 2022-2023” Presentation

December, 2022

“Now we are in a new chapter where the public market cycle ended. But there is a lag between the public and the private markets- it took time for the bad omen to cross the Atlantic (ocean)…

This delay created a situation where the beginning of 2022 was still a continuation of 2021, even though the public markets had already shown signs of distress.

During the first quarter of 2022, startups in Israel raised $6 Billion- more than what was raised annually before 2019. We see similar trends across the three geographies that we invest in – US, EU, and Israel.”

 delivered his annual presentation on the state of today’s tech industry from 2022-2023 at the “Venture Capital Community Forecast Conference.”

Some key takeaways:

-If past downturns are any indication, we have not yet seen the bottom in venture pricing.

-Growth funding is the most impacted so far, but we anticipate it to trickle down. As of now, the seed market in Israel still hasn’t seen a correction.

-Historically, it took 2-3 years for M&A activity to rebound but given the available cash in big companies and PE, M&A activity may surge earlier.

Click here for more information. (Hebrew)

Click here for more information. (English)

(Pictures taken by Efi Yosefi)



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