VC Interview: Unfolding the Future of Health-Tech. Alyssa Jaffee, Partner at 7WireVentures

December, 2022

Shira Eting

Welcome to another episode of our VC Interviews Series: GPs’ Stories, Strategies, and Advice, hosted by our investment team.

The series offers exclusive interviews with our portfolio fund managers to explore their personal stories of navigating the venture capital world and tech market, valuable insights you can leverage in your investment journey.

Shira Eting, Principal at Vintage, interviewed Alyssa Jaffee, Partner at 7WireVentures, about the latest trends in Health-Tech, as well as Alyssa’s journey towards becoming a digital health investor, the “Hatching” concept, and the success of Caraway, FOLX health, a digital health solution for the LGBTQIA+ community and what makes Israeli innovation special?



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