Navigating an Economic Downturn. Interview with former Twitter CEO turned Co-Founder and GP of 01 Advisors, Dick Costolo.

August, 2022

Abe Finkelstein
Managing Partner

Welcome to another episode of our VC Interviews Series: GPs’ Stories, Strategies, and Advice, hosted by our investment team. The series offers exclusive interviews with our portfolio fund managers to explore their personal stories of navigating the venture capital world and tech market, valuable insights you can leverage in your investment journey.

Abe Finkelstein, General Partner at Vintage, interviewed Dick about his experience, having gone through the 2000 and 2008 crises and been involved in start-ups and tech for well over two decades.

In this interview, Dick also discusses how his time as an operator helps him support his portfolio companies, offers unique insights and advice for CEOs navigating these uncertain times, and shares what makes him optimistic these days.

And at the end, a few questions about Elon Musk and Twitter’s future!


0:00- Introduction

1:12- Path to starting 01 Advisors.

2:47- Investment strategy during market of 2020-2021.

5:45- How the current market condition is going to impact 01’s strategy.

9:00- Will you change to leading later rounds depending on the market?

9:53- Advice for CEO’s in this market. 

12:40- Do you feel like this looks more like 2001 or 2008? How will this play out?

14:12- Advice to companies looking to raise now? Are we going to see down rounds?

15:36- Is the Silicon Valley dominance over and remote work options?

17:25- Elon Musk thoughts 

19:02- What makes you optimistic in this time?

21:06- Conclusion


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