VC Interview: Is Personal Brand the Next Wave of VC Strategy? Logan Bartlett, Redpoint Ventures

July, 2022

Abe Finkelstein
General Partner

Welcome to our VC Interviews Series: GPs’ Stories, Strategies, and Advice, hosted by our investment team. The series offers exclusive interviews with our portfolio fund managers to explore their personal stories of navigating the venture capital world and tech market, valuable insights you can leverage in your investment journey.

In this episode Abe Finkelstein interviews Logan Bartlett of Redpoint to discuss strategy as a growth investor, the current state of the market, and how he used Twitter and his podcast, Cartoon Avatars, as outlets to share insider knowledge and elevate brand visibility and awareness.

Logan Bartlett is the Managing Director of Redpoint since 2020 where he leads the growth investing at Redpoint Omega. Before Redpoint Logan was 6 years at Battery Ventures and before an investment banker.


1:30 – Introduction

4:45 – Does Logan see content marketing as a critical tool for deal flow?

6:19 – How Logan and Redpoint have been investing until the recent pullback and how this has impacted their investing going forward? bar high, valuation high, time long!

9:44 – Advice to CEOs – “control your own destiny”

13:15 – Whether Logan thinks this pullback will look more like the .com bubble or the great recession?

16:07 – What makes Logan optimistic?


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