10 Questions with Tzlil Kovetz, Senior Associate

March, 2023

10 Questions with Tzlil Kovetz, Senior Associate

 1. What do you enjoy most about your role at Vintage?

I get to meet people that are exceptional at what they do, usually much smarter than me, and are building incredible things. Both in our network, and within Vintage.

2.  What made you first interested in technology?

A: The intellectual challenge in trying to understand complex ideas quickly.

B: The exponential impact it can have on the world.

3. What is the biggest hype at the moment in your view and why?

The two topics I’ve been hearing about in almost every investor meeting in the past 6 months are- Generative AI and Climate. Web3 was up there for a while until recently. All are huge opportunities, but many are still trying to understand where the value will be created in these spaces.

4. If you had to name a “single most impressive thing” about Vintage, what would it be?

The extent of our network. From a small office in Israel and through various people on the team, I have access to top executives in Fortune 500 companies, the best global investors, and almost every startup globally. This doesn’t stop amazing me.

5. What is the most valuable investment that you’ve ever made?

Definitely my kids. I gave up time, money, sleep, and my body, but definitely worth it so far. Hoping it’s not like in VC funds where you often see a spike in IRR in the beginning…

6. Who is the one person who has had a major influence on you?

My first manager out of university. She helped me build my confidence, invested in my growth, and taught me how to manage people. She also showed me there is a place for women to be the best in a room full of men.

7. What is something you would still like to learn how to do?

Make gnocchi like my grandma, skiing without spending most of the time falling, running… I have an endless Wishlist.

8. What advice would you give to founders in fundraising?

Try not to optimize the round, but rather optimize for the long term. It should impact how much money you’ll take, and in what valuation, but mostly it should impact which investors you choose to join you.

9. What is the one item you can’t live without?

I used to have a lot of items I couldn’t live without. Today they are all in/on my phone. So definitely phone. And charger!

10. What is the one place you have never been to that you would like to visit?

Kirgizstan, I almost got there when I traveled the Silk Road, but ended up missing it. Wild nature, different and authentic culture, and multiple opportunities to climb green mountains which is the best thing in the world.




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