10 Questions with Orit Shilo, Chief Value Add Officer & Partner

April, 2023

10 Questions with Orit Shilo, Chief Value Add Officer & Partner

 1. If you had to name a “single most impressive thing” about Vintage, what would it be?

The depth/breadth of knowledge and experience.

2. What do you find is the best thing about Value+?

Our work is a lot about connecting the dots within the big picture, and I love it when there is an aha (!) moment where everything clicks, and we’ve located a win-win opportunity for all sides involved. Our work also has a never-ending learning curve because you are constantly learning new spaces and new companies.

3. What is the most valuable investment (time, money or energy etc.) that you’ve ever made? 

Learning Chinese. I never did anything with it, but it expanded my mind and gave me perspective on what’s hard work.

4. What is something you would still like to learn how to do? 

Play chess. I asked my daughter to start teaching me recently.

5. What advice would you give to founders who are fundraising?

Invest a ton of effort in research and references. We do, so it makes sense that the other party in the deal does the exact same.

6. What advice would you give your younger self? 

You’re in your prime learning mode, learn until you explode.

7. What do you do differently than most?

I deliver my best work at night, closest to the deadline, and under pressure.

8. What is a book you would recommend?

The World of Yesterday / Stefan Zweig.

9. What is the best part of being an investor?

It’s the best Dopamine for curious minds.

10. What are some of the values you believe in strongly?

Work hard, be brutally honest, bring empathy into every instance.


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