Spotlight: Exceptional Women- interview with Laura Yitzhak, Employee Experience Lead at Artlist

Orly discusses with Laura the impact of networking, self-appraisal and the importance of creating an organizational culture that support mothers.

In our series “Spotlight: Exceptional Women”, Orly Glick, Partner at Vintage Investment Partners, will interview leading women in unique positions in the tech and VC worlds, who are blazing the path for women executives and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Laura speaks about determination and networking in her own personal experience, the benefits of carving out your own expertise within your industry, and how companies can better increase diversity awareness and maintain a supportive culture.

Laura joined Artlist in April 2021 as the Employee Experience Lead in this fast-growing company. Prior to joining Artlist, Laura worked at Google for 7.5 years, focusing her work on diversity initiatives for women in tech.

In her last role as a Student Development Program manager at Google, Laura built, developed and led regional initiatives aimed at growing the number of women in tech, starting from the early days of their career. In her work she engaged and connected with, and between, women from over 80 countries across Europe and The Middle East, and in collaboration with Google engineers and managers helped them widen their technical skill-set and build their confidence. From her first role at Google as the intern recruiter and program manager in Israel, to her last months at Google in which she led #iamremarkable workshops encouraging women to speak up about their achievements, Diversity and Inclusion have always been top of mind.

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