Spotlight: Exceptional Women- interview with Ann Miura-Ko, Co-founding Partner at Floodgate

Ann shares her experience as a co-founder and investor in a seed-stage VC firm, and gives advice on how to accomplish a "huge vision" and not be overwhelmed by it.

In our series “Spotlight: Exceptional Women”, Orly Glick, Partner at Vintage Investment Partners, will interview leading women in unique positions in the tech and VC worlds, who are blazing the path for women executives and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Orly speaks with Ann Miura-Ko. In addition to being a co-founding Partner at Floodgate, Ann is also a lecturer in engineering at Stanford University- where she earned her Ph.D. with a focus on mathematical modeling of cybersecurity. Ann is also a mother of three.

Ann speaks about her experience co-founding a seed-stage VC firm, and how she manages to accomplish it all, taking it day by day.

Ann Miura-Ko is a co-founding partner at Floodgate, a seed-stage venture capital firm with notable investments in companies including Lyft, Twitter, Twitch, and Okta. Known for her visionary investments, she was one of the first investors in Lyft, , Popshop Live, Monthly and Emotive. Beyond her expertise in marketplaces and consumer applications, Ms. Miura-Ko is also well known for her highly technical investments, work that has earned her repeat appearances on the Forbes Midas List and The New York Times list of top twenty venture capitalists worldwide. At Stanford University—from which she earned her Ph.D. with a focus on mathematical modeling of cybersecurity—she is a lecturer in engineering, teaching on topics from blockchain to intelligent growth for startups. In addition, she is a co-director of the competitive Stanford Mayfield Fellows Program, which helps train undergraduates to become technology leaders. Ms. Miura-Ko is a co-founding member of AllRaise, an organization dedicated to increasing the success and prevalence of female funders and founders. She also co-leads AllRaise’s Founders for Change, a group of more than one thousand venture-backed founders committed to improving diversity and inclusion within their companies. Ms. Miura-Ko received a B.S. in electrical engineering from Yale. As an alumna, she has served on the School of Engineering & Applied Science Leadership Council and as a non-trustee member of the Corporation Committee on Investments. She was elected an alumni fellow in 2019.



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