Orly Glick on Bloomberg TV – Technology has become catalyst during the pandemic

Discussing recent article about corporate innovation trends for 2021-2023

Wondering what are the upcoming corporate innovation trends for 2021-2023? #bloombergtv.
Watch Orly Glick, our Partner,  on Bloomberg LP (TV) discussing the takeaways from her recent article on corporate innovation (link to the article below) and an outlook on 2021-2023, including upcoming trends.

Interview here: https://bit.ly/3tj59G6

According to Vintage’s recent #survey, 51% of the responding corporations maintained their original innovation budget, with 13% of those even increasing it.

The Hidden Truth About Corporate Innovation – Article: https://bit.ly/3pFArVs
Find out what we anticipate to be the main sectors of innovation for 2021-2023.

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